Welcome to the Art Center

In collaboration with BRAINFART and SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL, we warmly invite you to visit our creative Art Center at the festival. Look forward to an exciting program full of artistic highlights and interactive experiences:

Live Paintings (large and small):

Experience impressive live painting by talented artists and be inspired by their creative processes.

Art Sales:

Discover unique artworks and take a piece of the festival vibe home with you.

Visitor Activation Program:

Get creative yourself and participate in our interactive art activities where you can create your own little masterpieces.

Hair Art:

Experience creative and extraordinary hair artistry and be inspired by innovative hairstylists.


Give your festival experience a lasting impression with an individual tattoo from our experienced tattoo artists.

Body Art:

Dive into the fascinating world of body art and let your body become a canvas for beautiful artwork.

Afro Fitness:

Afro-Fitness Session at Afro Summer Jam: Join us for a dance warm-up to Afrobeats music, followed by a series of body toning (Tabata) exercises. We will finish with stretching exercises and a short meditation for a holistic body-mind experience. All fitness levels and children (10 years and older) are welcome.

BRAINFART and SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL ARTIST are bringing their innovative and integrative art philosophy directly to the festival grounds, creating a platform where creativity and community are at the forefront. Together, we aim to foster an environment where everyone can express themselves and be inspired.

Come by, join in, and let yourself be enchanted by the artistic atmosphere of Afro Summer Jam.
We look forward to welcoming you to the Art Center and creating amazing art together!

The artists

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